Our Book Club is pretty new so there’s not much to tell yet! We’re hoping to get together once a month, eat, drink, chat and maybe even craft. Invite a friend!


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  1. Hi, Ladies. I’m an author and artist from Mississippi, and I stumbled across your book club page while doing searches for book clubs. I began my career as a children’s book author, but when I turned fifty three years ago, I felt ready for a change, and I began writing novels. I felt so in my element doing that, that I have written and published three novels since 2013! My novels are all set in the south, and are the kind of stories that have humor in the characters to whom you’ll relate, but also an underlying story that is deep and insightful.

    Two of my novels are available as Kindle downloads from Amazon for only $1.99. That’s a bargain–and I hope maybe you’ll tell your book clubs members. If some of them read one or both of the books, they might be interested in having your entire group read them.

    You may learn more about my work at my website, http://www.laurieparkerwriter.com. That page has info about all of my books, including my children’s books, and it also has links you can follow to see photos of my jewelry and other artwork. The link to Amazon for my e-books is right there on my home page, as well as a link to my Facebook page, where you may see what other readers and book clubs are saying about my novels.

    I really hope you’ll check out my web page!! I would so love to have your book club read one of my southern novels, and I would be happy to join you for the chat–by phone, or possibly in person!


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