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Books, Babes & Beaus on the Bluff


PhotoGrid_1439230147302What a wonderful Sunday! What an awesome book! What fabulous people! Thanks to Jan for inviting us down to the Bluff overlooking the beach this Sunday for a Picnic Brunch! We had such a picturesque day and had so much fun bringing along some husbands and babies, and out of town guests! The Martian was an overall hit, not just with the clubbers but with EVERYONE who read! We gave it our highest rating yet… only 1/2 a glass of wine to get through this story! PhotoGrid_1439231018362We shared many belly laughs laughs reliving our favorite parts and lines from the book while sipping our bubbles and bloodies! Matt Damon may be the “King of Mars”, but Jan is the Queen of Bloodies!!! Thanks to everyone for bringing goodies and games. We will need to book our trip to the movies at the next book club…. Cinepolis anyone???


What’s Up Next?

The category for our next pick was “Guilty Pleasure.” Our filthy next title, based on our smutty voting, is Jan’s nomination: Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann, buy it here. We are pumped for this cult-classic and tried to find some ideas for an appropriate brunch to accompany our reading… our first idea is to take a limo up to Santa Ana for the Drag Brunch at Velvet Lounge, but more on that later. If we’re feeling like saving some dough, people were hoping for another themed brunch. We’ll see…. I have a feeling that a themed brunch for this book would be mostly booze and pills…. not much in the way of brunch! Brunch plans TBD, so post your preferences or ideas!

Whatever we do, it will be Sunday September 20th around 10:30 am, so mark your calendars, and grab some pink lipstick! And remember to bring a new title, either an autobiography or a memoir!


Until next time, ladies! Cheers!