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Boys in Babeland


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Book Club Brunch on the beautiful Bluff brought Book Babes together with boys, babies, beaus, and bubbles! Admittedly, we probably did a disservice to a wonderful read, The House Girl, but we had an awesome day celebrating summer with friends. Most people did not read or finish but hey, between new houses, new work, new babies, and lots of travelers, we’ve had a busy month! We’ll crack the whip again eventually, but for now, I think we all just enjoyed the hang out. Thanks Jan & Jim for hosting such a rowdy bunch!

CaptureThings were a little chaotic so we didn’t have much time to make plans for August, so we figured out our plans via email. The next book we chose isn’t really a book at all, but inspired by the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series (the one pictured is in honor of Leslie, who suggested a book free-for-all). We are going to wrap up the summer reading by all choosing a title from our own personal reading lists and report back to one another in August. That way we’ll all get a little taste of lots of different titles and pick something manageable for our own summer schedules. Make sure you come ready with a summary that doesn’t give away the ending, in case you persuade anyone to read your title on their own. This will also give us time to chat over Jan’s suggestion of a friendly no read penalty – think swear jar, or mimosa fund!

We will get back to our traditional brunching, though, and meet at Pub Thirty Two (23962 Alicia Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA 92691) for our next Book Club session, Sunday August 21, 2016 at 10:30 am. In addition to your summary, bring a new title to vote on for September! Let’s stick with the “Summer Read” theme we were going to choose from this time! See you ladies in August! Meanwhile, enjoy the not-super-awesome photos below…. note Jan’s impressive frisbee jumps in one of them! We need to get the paparazzi to follow us around next time for better pics  🙂





Luckiest Girls Alive


Yes, yes, yes, we all loved Paul Kalanithi’s thoughtful and moving memoir. We needed ZERO glasses of wine to get through this read. (Which is good, because there were a lot of pregnant bellies present at this brunch!) From his writing, to his humanity, we all fell in love with some aspect of this book, be it the writing style, the insight, the author, etc. If you haven’t read it/finished it, please do! You’ll be glad you did.


What a Dish was probably one of our favorite brunch spots to date. No one can believe we hadn’t been there yet as only a couple of us even knew it existed, nestled back behind the main building. We will definitely be back…. possibly just for those unbelievable cupcakes! And the Bloody Mary’s? Not pictured is Andrea’s Virgin Mary, which was about half the size, so we know what’s filling up that big ole’ jar! Great spot! Next time we need to remember to take a pic before people start splitting.


Next meeting will be Sunday 5/22/16 at 11:00 am at The Blind Pig in Rancho Santa Margarita ( 31431 Santa Margarita Pkwy, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 next to Carmelita’s). I think we said 10:30 originally, but they don’t open until 11. It’s not really a Sunday brunch, more like early Sunday lunch on the lake. Plus, there may be 2 new arrivals in-tow! We’ll play it by ear and see how the new moms are feeling before we try to get a head count. Our book of the month is kind of the Susan Lucci or Leo DiCaprio title of book club. Nominated often, but finally won the big award! Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll is our next read, and you can buy it here.


All this PLUS, we’re getting ready for a group movie date! Or at least we THOUGHT so! Turn’s out Big Little Lies (one of our first group reads) is being turned into a mini-series on HBO! Sounds like a wine & yoga pants kind of event to me 🙂 That’s a ways off yet, but we’ll mark our calendars once the launch date is announced. And, BTW, the cast looks AMAZING…. Reese & Nicole, PLUS Adam Scott, Alexander Skarsgård (swoon), and Laura Derns? Yes, please!

Dissing the Dolls


a7677dcbf7fd0a9d9f9557ce660b38caOur quiet Sunday brunch (for a change) at Salt Creek Grille was full of tasty cocktails, “creative” beignets, and beautiful weather in the cabana. The overall response to our scandalous smut, Valley of the Dolls, was basically… where was the scandal? Maybe it was dicey in it’s day, but not to this crowd. Maybe that says more about us, but we’ll leave that open to interpretation

We are VERY excited about our next meeting, though! Hosted by the lovely Andrea at her place (Address to be emailed in reminder email blast) at 4:30 on Saturday October 24th! We’re going to celebrate an early Halloween with a little RESURRECTION! We will be picking our next book from the list of other suggested, but not chosen, titles from past club meetings. Consider it a night of the undead unread! Wear a little costume, and bring a plate of tapas and a bottle to share! Everyone’s welcome! …Yes, btw, that is a picture of my book costume 😉

But I’m getting ahead of myself… our next read, in the autobiographies and memoirs category, will be Andrea’s pick: Decoded by Jay Z. Looks like a very interesting mix of memoir, autobiography and some of his lyrics “decoded” by the writer himself! Other suggested titles at this meeting were: Wild by Cheryl Strayed & Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham.

Jay-Z-DecodedALSO… BOOK CLUB EXTRA! We need to pick a date for our movie trip to see the Martian! Please leave your availability in the comments section below. I think we’d like to go as a group and see the movie at Cinepolis in Dana Point sometime soon!